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What're you doing in my house?


The fish are in the sea.

Pedro doesn't have to pay anything.

Why didn't we think of that before?

I'd like to go on a picnic with her.

There were many cars on the street.

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He'll try to find everything out.

The economic situation of the country worsened.

These images of dead soldiers are not shown back home.


Can you hold this for me?

It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

You are not allowed to park there. They are going to make you pay a fine.


She was raised in the United States of America but her mother tongue is Japanese.

Shannon should be gone by the time we get there.

The cat is in the yard, too.


Walt plugged in his computer.


They compensated for the loss.


Everybody laughed except me.

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She stood by her husband whenever he was in trouble.

It is impossible to substitute machines for people.

You want justice, don't you?


Maybe Clem doesn't remember me.


Was this man threatening you?

Loukas went to West Point.

I've had my driving license confiscated.


He no longer has a sore elbow.

When was the last time you helped Meehan?

Rex returned from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee and sat down next to Linder.


A church is a place to pray.

Sanford and I work well together.

Francisco and Carter had a nice time together.

I should probably go and spend some time with Suyog.

Combat soldiers during peaceful moments like to reminisce of their halcyon days.

My wife is liable to catch a cold.

On the eve of the festival, people go out for a walk by the river.


He crossed the ground.

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It's too loud in the club.

We're turning back.

This answer is useful for every similar future case.

Have you watched some films recently?

Then a little time-wasting idea came to mind.

Be very careful with this.

CK should definitely go Sony!

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He went to bed early but did not go to sleep until almost 2 in the morning.


Which is longer, this pen or that one?

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I wish I could do that as well as you do.


Where is your other younger brother?


Well, would you look at that!

The pharmaceutical company is looking for the Elixir of Life to stop the ageing process.

Bjorne talked to Debbie's neighbors and asked them if they knew where she'd gone.


There is little oil in Japan.


I told her straight.

Uri tried to scare Ernst.

That's not all that happened.

"Ah, this is my idiot son Takashi" "Eh-er, yes. (The late) Takashi, right?" "Fuusy, he isn't dead yet! Probably."

Tracey was flying high after he heard the news.


I need to know everything that happened.

I don't know how it happened, but it was obviously meant to be.

I like the sound of children laughing.

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Shirley doesn't have to worry.

My night was amazing.

Some will gain, others will lose.

The street lamps don't give enough light.

He always keeps appointments.

I appreciated my neighbor's generous offer.

Norma and Rusty live on a farm and have 16 children.

Our company provides customized, worry-free solutions to protect your customers' sensitive data.

Morgan'll find out sooner or later.


Arnold is the captain of the football team.

God is my leader, and my sword is my companion.

Let us talk to him.


How do you say "Love" in Portuguese?

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It was necessary that my uncle should be informed.

Do you think they'll break the 10-second barrier in the 100-meter dash?

You'd be crazy not to do that.


This scheme is clumsy production wise.

He is likely to live to be ninety.

Cynthia was quite handsome when he was young.

Lord paid off his gambling debts.

Who cares what Lukas says?


He raised his hat in respect.

Jeanette bowed to me as he left the room.

Do you have rain gear with you?


Blake gave his life for his country.

If you should see Celia, give her my best wishes.

I need my passport for travel.

Bucky was born on a cold winter morning.

If you need to blame someone, blame Toerless and me.

Did you see what she had on?

"When did it happen?" "When did what happen?"


Students may not enter the faculty lounge.

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Pierre is one of my good friends.


It all changed.

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His character was formed in his childhood.

The world is at a low point.

Sylvan is out now.


Would you like some of those pictures?


The sun is rising already.


I've always wanted to travel around the world.


Lum is married to one of my cousins.


He combined two ideas into one.


Everything is running smoothly.

He passed by my house but didn't drop in.

I had been up all night trying to finish the presentation.

You should've told me about what Real did.

I think the worst is over now.


It's over three kilometers from here.


The sweatsuit doesn't fit me anymore.

I myself will repair that machine.

John's sculpture is horrible!

I'm glad that you can come.

No one was surprised.

We don't question what you say.

He went to bed early but did not go to sleep until almost 2 in the morning.

You're lying to me again.

The representative was absent from the annual conference.

"Is this Arabic?" "No, it's Uyghur - a language that's spoken in northwestern China."

I'm grateful for what Earl did.


Paola has a large dick.

How long ago was this?

I made five applications for jobs but got nothing.

Ouch! I stuck my finger in the door!

One cannot defend oneself against stupidity.

In the heart of the city, there is an institution having a golden history.

Few students use pencils these days.

I just told her the truth.

Do you have a tatami room for ten people?

Have you decided what you'll do?

We're going to my brother's.

Jim is liked by all his classmates.

We made a snowman this winter.

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Friendship in itself is something very vague and even in cases of same-sex friendships, it takes many shapes and is brought on by many different motives.

English is like a world-wide common language.

Can I have the menu again, please?

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They will be jealous.

Let me write it down so I don't forget.

How many Eskimos live in Greenland?


Just do what you have to do, no questions asked.

In the past several years, the engine of world growth has been China.

I'm going for help.

There is a table in the corner of the room.

Jimmy wants to spend time with his children.

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It's too late for that now.


Get it away from me.


Konstantinos is hitting Anatoly.

Most people don't drink enough water.

We live in a global community.

My parents know my girlfriend.

You really don't want me to kiss you, do you?

Add sugar to the tea.

How did you learn to cook so well?